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Komprese procesního vzduchu s nepřekonatelnou účinností a spolehlivostí.

Pneumatické dopravování sypkých materiálů, rychle, jemně a s vynaložením minimální energie - práce pro opravdové specialisty. Bezolejové hybridní dmychadla s rotačními písty, kompresory s rotačními piesty a šroubové kompresory od AERZEN dokáží zvládnout jakoukoliv potřebu dopravy. S jedinečnou efektivností a spolehlivostí.

Všestrannost podle čísel

Delta Blower, Delta Screw a Delta Hybrid jsou silní a univerzální géniové:
Nejmenší jednotky se dají namontovat na silážní vozidla. Největší stroje se používají v čerpadlových stanicích.
Používají se na vykládání dopravců. A mají kapacitu až do 1 000 tun za hodinu.

Bezolejové hybridní dmychadla se stočenými rotačními písty a šroubové kompresory od AERZEN dokáží zvládnout jakoukoliv potřebu dopravování

Kontaminace produktu? Ne se společností AERZEN!

Dokonale bezolejová technologie stlačeného vzduchu od společnosti AERZEN bez použití absorpčních materiálů zajistí 100% čistotu výrobku při všech procesech přepravy choulostivých sypkých materiálů.

Inovativní technologie s certifikací ATEX nabízí řešení pro náročné výrobní požadavky např. v potravinářském průmyslu, farmaceutickém průmyslu nebo v chemických a petrochemických procesech.

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Zprávy o pužívání

Společnost Milser Mühle si zvolila za výrobce vzduchu pro uzavřené potrubní systémy bezolejová objemová dmychadla s rotačními písty AERZEN ze série GM

Mlýny melou efektivně

Úspěšný příběh - Milser Mühle

V pneumatické dopravě potravin se dá nejvyšší možná úroveň spolehlivosti a energetické účinnosti dosáhnout jen s perfektně naplánovanými řešeními, provedená na míru. A tak je tomu i při mlýně "Milser Mühle", kde se během pěti dekád používají dmychadla s rotačními písty AERZEN - celkem jich je jedenáct.

Pneumatic Conveying - Reliably and Efficiently with Screw Compressors, Positive Displacement Blowers, and Rotary Lobe Compressors (Delta Hybrid) from AERZEN

Large quantities of bulk material are a normal necessity. Like everywhere else, time is money - and the loading/unloading of trucks and ships, or transferring bulk goods during the production process should be as fast and reliable as possible. The purity level of the product is essential in many industries. The transported goods should not contact foreign particles, which may be caused by filter and coating abrasions or oil-contaminated air. This is especially relevant in industries like the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or food industries.

AERZEN offers practical and lasting solutions. The Pneumatic Conveying Systems, which are engineered with highly efficient overpressure and vacuum machines from AERZEN, represent the gold standard of Hygienic Conveying Technology. This is proven by highly-satisfied customers who are particularly focused on the workload capacity of the continuous operation and high level of purity in the conveying air. Whether it is mobile solutions on silo trucks or large equipment engineering, which can transport up to one thousand tons of bulk material per hour in their delivery lines; Pneumatic conveying with assemblies from AERZEN is perfect for every need.

Why oil-free blowers are so important in Pneumatic Conveying

Wherever a high-purity processing product is used for producing food, medicines, chemicals, and other products; the use of so-called “oil-free conveying systems” is required. AERZEN has been using 100% oil-free blowers and compressors for years. As the market leader and pioneer of this technology, the AERZEN assemblies are often used as the benchmark with other manufacturers. Together with TÜV Rheinland, AERZEN has defined new safety standards for the cleanliness of the compressed air, and conveying air which consists of the following directives and standards:

  • ISO 8573-1: 2010 Part 1 (Contaminants and purity classes)
  • ISO 8573-2: 2007 Part 2 (Test methods for aerosol oil content)
  • ISO 8573-5: 2001 Part 5 (Test methods for oil vapour and organic solvent content)plans.

Safety Technology with innovative reactive silencers without additional contaminated Compressed Air

In Pneumatic Conveying Systems, silencers with absorption material are often used. However, this has many disadvantages.
On one hand, such mufflers wear out over time by the dissolution of the absorption material, due to the soundwave pulsations becoming more louder and more intense; which has a negative effect on work safety regarding noise protection. On the other hand, this kind of abrasion is detrimental for the cleanliness of the conveying air. In the subsequent steps, contamination can occur due to the resulting abrasion, which means that the material to be conveyed is heavily contaminated. In such cases, there is a risk for the manufacturer that may lead to recalls or destruction of complete production batches.
When using silencers with absorption material, the safety process of a system is already at a high-risk as soon as it is switched-on for the first time, due to the risk of contamination. This risk increases with the age of the facility. For example: an exchange of filters or silencers often is associated with a longer and cost-intensive shutdown of assemblies, such systems subject to wear, are no longer modern.

With reactive silencers, AERZEN offers an effective solution for pipe sound reduction. With this technique, a sound-absorbing filling of the muffler with absorption material can be dispensed.

The sound reduction is effected solely by air deflection. Soundwaves are dampened by counter-sound. AERZEN has even been granted its own patent for its absorbent-free mufflers (Patent No. 1857682). Both the contamination of the compressed air by abrasion and the increasing sound level after a long operating time are effectively prevented.

With these systems, AERZEN makes an important contribution to meeting the requirements of VDI Directive 2058 and TA Lärm as a benchmark legal standard; not only when the machine is delivered, but also throughout the lifecycle of a facility.
The special construction of the absorbent-free silencers also goes further with a relevant safety advantage: The filters function as an effective spark arrester in areas where there is an increased risk of explosion, for instance, due to carbon dust or chemical granules. AERZEN mufflers are predominantly recommended wherever a corresponding ATEX classification exists.

High customer satisfaction in transporting bulk material

Granules and dust-like products, such as cement or brown coal dust, can only be effectively transported with pneumatic conveying systems. If they were transported openly on conveyor belts from points A to B, there would be time delays and problems with the implementation; not to mention, losing massive amounts of dust during delivery into the ambient air. Many conveyor systems are operated with blowers and screw compressors made by AERZEN to enable so-called “pipe conveying”. Depending on the weight of the bulk material and the requested capacity for delivery, this method requires a different design of assemblies with a corresponding volume flow. Blowers and compressors from AERZEN are available in different scalable versions, which meet the requirements concerning the loading of bulk material on silo trucks, as well as the requirements in conveyor systems where ships have to be loaded or unloaded within a few hours.

AERZEN's customers are among the leaders in their respective industries and know what to expect with AERZEN products. For example: Siloadmaxx has been using mobile solutions for a long time for transportation, loading, and unloading of bulk material with its vehicles.

The well-known cement makers Dyckerhoff uses AERZEN compressors in many different areas: Dyckerhoff uses pneumatically conveying systems both for transporting materials to cement production and for supplying its burner with brown coal dust and the so-called fluff (a chlorine-free, fine-grained secondary fuel from packaging waste). A fast adaptation of the volume flow and the stability of the desired conveying pressure are particularly important for the uninterrupted supply of burners and production plants. Any standstill is undesirable in this case, and in the case of combustion plants even a damage event, because the sensitive systems do not tolerate high temperature fluctuations, which occur inevitably when the combustion system is switched off.

For high pressure differentials both in the overpressure and negative pressure range: The New Delta Hybrid from AERZEN

The Pneumatics of heavy granulates or longer conveying distances demand special conditions from modern facility engineering, among other aspects, a higher flow or a higher differential pressure. With the Delta Hybrid Rotary lobe compressors, AERZEN can offer a solution, and also sets a new gold standard for this area. The Special Model D 98V meets the requirements of customers who have a constant negative pneumatic pressure of up to 50 mbar abs (0.72 pfsi [Pound-Force per Square Inch]) for the transport of their heavy materials in the system. Such a vacuum allows pneumatic transport and safe handling when filling heavier goods into containers. Thus, the use of this type of Screw Blowers allows granules to be sucked directly into containers, for instance.

The use of state-of-the-art AERZEN compressor technology can increase your energy efficiency by up to 20 percent.