Compressed air technology

Technik with system

AERZEN SYSTEMS offers selection and combination of the compressors, the drying process, the necessary filters, the pipings and the superordinated control

You are looking for a compressed-air station which is specially optimized for your case of application?  In addition to customised product solutions, AERZEN supports you within the entire development cycle, from the conception to the implementation and commissioning of your compressed air station.
The quality of the used materials is decisive. Therefore for the compressed-air production the proven AERZEN screw compressors are used.

Furthermore AERZEN offers selection and combination of the compressors, the drying process, the necessary filters, the pipings and the superordinated control. After handing over to current operation AERZEN’S after-sales service is available for you. Consequently your compressed-air station is always well-supplied.

Application reports

RWE Power AG use six AERZEN screw compressors for external compressed-air emergency supply

External compressed air emergency supply for a briquette factory

Success Story- RWE Power AG

Due to repairs, the Wachtberg briquette factory in Frechen had to temporarily shut down its compressed air station and the corresponding electrical switchgear. But a compressed air supply should not be interrupted – particularly when you have a total delivery volume of 282 m3/min. The solution: an external rental station from AERZEN International Rental B.V.

Two compressed-air unit installation with two AERZEN Delta Twin at the Luxembourg plant of ArcelorMittal

Compressed-air production in a challenging environment

Success Story- ArcelorMittal’s beam rolling mill

Two oil-free Delta Twin DTS 35 WG screw compressors are used in ArcelorMittal’s largest beam rolling mill. They ensure a safe production in spite of pressure drops in the distribution system, together with a turbo compressor, superordinated control unit and absorption drier.

Noelle + von Campe produce oil-free compressed air with a AERZEN oilfree screw compressor

Customised compressed air concept saves cash

Success Story - Glass factory Noelle + von Campe GmbH in Boffzen

At glass factory Noelle + von Campe since March 2009 eight AERZEN Screw compressors produce oil free compressed air in various pressure ranges. The annual savings of energy- and maintenance costs are 350.000 Euros!

Delta Twin unit made by Aerzener Maschinenfabrik with two oil-free screw compressor units with a volume flow of each 1125 m3/h, driven by two 132 kW-motors

To ensure that the miller does not run out of breath…

Success Story- AERZEN technology in milling industry

In modern mills compressed air is essential. Filter cleaning, product loosening, operation of valves and scales and fully automatic filling of silo trucks – everything is operated electro pneumatically. An ideal field of application for AERZEN units.