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Modifications and Accessories


A compressor is a compressor, and yet, every one is different, because every requirement is specific, each location, company, and process has its own particularities. We know this, and so for 150 years we have always asked about the application. Time and again. What makes our technologies the best solutions for your own application? You will find the answer here.


The best brains working around the world to advance application‐specific compressed air technology. In the AERZEN development departments. In the laboratories of the world’s best component manufacturers. At Aerzen, we gather results for the most demanding industries and applications around the world

The Advantages at a glance

Only machines that are perfectly adapted to the relevant application are really efficient, really high-performance and really reliable. For all conceivable environmental conditions. The optimal selection of equipment and accessories is more important today than ever. Because we know this, we have developed a competency network with the relevant component manufacturers. Which guarantees that every item of auxiliary equipment is tailored to purpose. This is what makes every machine from AERZEN so unique. No matter whether you have chosen Delta Blower, Delta Hybrid or Delta Screw.

AERZEN offers possibly the most comprehensive range of blowers and compressors worldwide. With a virtually unlimited abundance of options and auxiliary equipment. To develop these components we have selected partners who share our demand for quality. Internationally renowned brand manufacturers and experienced domain specialists. We therefore ensure that even the smallest item of equipment fulfils the quality standards promised by the name AERZEN.

AERZEN likely offers the broadest range of customised accessories and spare components. And probably provides the fastest access. We have developed our own design programmes for this purpose. The appropriate components are just a few mouseclicks away, including process data and coordinated, customer specific holistic concepts. The best route to your compressed air plants in Singapore, Siberia, South America, anywhere on the planet? It’s just a question of the fastest shipping option.

AERZEN’s entire application-technical expertise is based in Aerzen. Outstandingly skilled specialists with international experience. They can advise you on any question about compression and conveyance. Help you in choosing the appropriate components. And take care of the application-specific configuration of your high-performance packaged units. In this way we ensure that every machine from our firm merits the seal of quality, Made by AERZEN.

For 150 years we have been developing leading compressor technologies. For virtually every sector. What makes compressors and blowers from Aerzen so successful? Undoubtedly, the commitment to quality behind the AERZEN premium brand promise. But the following is also undoubtedly true: our extraordinary ambition to understand your processes. Better than any other. In this way we have created a pool of know-how and solutions that is truly unique in the world. And is reflected in customised compressed air systems that are without equal. With regard to performance. Efficiency. Durability. Service.


Strong fluctuations in load operations are typical for biological waste water treatment plants. The innovative machine control AERsmart provides the intelligent building block for distributing the required oxygen to the machine pool, such that the low, medium and heavy loads are executed as efficiently as the current configuration permits. Machine characteristics and efficiency levels are built into the control algorithm. In this way, the installed machine pool operates as close as possible to the theoretical maximum efficiency.

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Reliable protection against unplanned downtime and a centralised tool for plant diagnosis in every predictive maintenance strategy: vibration measurement. AERZEN offers several options for its high-performance machines. They differ in the increasing degree of detail of the analytical values.


AERZEN offers filters across a variety of options – tailored to the most wide-ranging ambient air conditions. For example, the F7 filter solution for increased demands. In this case the filter cartridge is identical in construction to that of standard filters. It can therefore be exchanged on existing G5 machines without any problem. So that customers’ plants can also be operated safely in areas where there is a risk of explosion, we have also engineered suitable zone separation filters that meet the requirements of various ATEX zones and demands. Our zone separation filters comply with dust class M5 in this respect.


Aftercoolers from AERZEN set standards. With minimal pressure losses. And extremely high cooler input temperatures: all of our aftercoolers are suitable for cooling air and nitrogen up to 280°C! AERZEN offers a complete range of air-to-air and water-to-air aftercoolers, developed in cooperation with respected international manufacturers. Stand-alone series specially adapted to the Delta Screw, Delta Hybrid and Delta Blower machine ranges. With comprehensive accessories. Including downstream cyclone separators and condensate drains as and when required.AERZEN has its own design programs. The appropriate coolercan therefore be chosen in just a few minutes, and its process data precisely calculated for the individual customer. For the most efficient solution for each temperature-critical downstream process.


99% condensate separation efficiency – with these qualities the cyclone separators from AERZEN offer the perfect protection for compressed air systems. And for each downstream process. Our cyclone separators are precisely adapted to the air-to-air and water-to-air aftercooler program from AERZEN. And are consequently highly efficient, with only minimal pressure losses in less than the mbar range.  


Ideal for the discharge of condensates from cyclone separator enclosures. And whenever condensation can occur in the process, depending on the climate, temperature, season and time of the day. That means at virtually any time. The condensate drain from AERZEN works on the level regulation principle. Self-regulating. And outstandingly efficient. Intelligent electronics prevents pressure losses. And thus minimising energy costs.


Reactive silencers from AERZEN are designed, even in the standard version, to supply process air free of absorption material. Therefore, silencers integrated on the discharge side of the packaged unit are constructed entirely of metal – without any absorption material. They operate on the interference principle and achieve noise attenuation of -20 to -25 dB(A).


All packaged units from AERZEN are supplied with 2 or 4-pole asynchronous motors as standard. They ensure powerful drive in the compression process. Depending on the ambient conditions, motors designed to meet customer-specific requirements may be recommended as an alternative. For this reason, AERZEN offers a variety of modifications.


Ensuring the perfect start. And for the high efficiency of AERZEN power units: customised power supply panels for the widest range of requirements. The power units can be fed via several supply panels. From frequency converters and soft starters. To star/triangle or DOL (Direct On Line) relay installed internally or externally. With performance range from 3 kW to 710 kW.


Intelligent components that save maintenance costs. AERZEN relubrication devices grease electrical motor bearings. Automatically. Based on need. And precisely dosed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In intervals up to 36 months. Thereby saving some onsite service interventions. And securing sustainable economic operation of your compressed air units.

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72% of all roller bearing damage can be traced to unsuitable, impure or rapidly aging lubricants. All of this can be easily avoided. With blue oils from AERZEN. Specially developed high-performance oils. Optimised for high-performance machines from AERZEN. Suitable for every application. For reliable and long-lasting plant. And many added advantages.

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For constant compression ratios and interruption-free plantoperation, AERZEN offers you premium-quality components. The pressure retaining valves ensure the required back pressure. And significantly extend the life expectancy of your compressor. What’s more, with minimal pressure loss when valves are open. And the overflow valves? They discharge surplus compressed air. Without having to stop the system. Ideal, when you selectively need lower air pressure.


In specific applications it is necessary to use stainless steel with a special coating for all medium-affected parts of the blower or compressor. For example, with extremely corrosive media. Or for some chemical processes. Above all these include,along with cylinder coating, the compressor’s sealing ring and conveying chamber as well as the rotors. The packaged unit concept from AERZEN prevents machine components from being damaged by the medium. And ensures the high wear-resistance of your AERZEN machine.


Protecting employees and environment from high noise emissions.And machines against extreme conditions. Modified acoustic hoods from AERZEN. Your assurance that AERZEN compressors and blowers can be easily deployed anywhere. For internal as well as outdoor installation. In industrial parks as well as in residential areas. Onshore and offshore. Stationary or mobile. As reliable in Siberia as they are in Sahara. And worldwide, under all conceivable environmental conditions. Our portfolio of modified acoustic hoods always provides an optimal solution. For all applications.


AERtronic is the intelligent unit control system from AERZEN. Developed to offer you more. More transparency over your plant’s condition. More reliability, driving the best possible operations at any time. More possibilities, driving analyses with pinpoint accuracy. Or for integrating additional components. Such as power cabinets.

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