Aerzen Relubrication Device

For automatic lubrication of electric motors

AERZEN relubrication devices lubricate the bearings of electric motors automatically and dosed with the correct grease quantity according to manufacturer’s specifications. Time intervals are possible up to 36 months. This allows a permanent and economical operation of all packaged units made by Aerzen.

Advantages of the automatic lubrication devices:

  • 100 % retrofit with existing packaged Units.
  • Small number of personnel necessary for support.
  • No retrofit of the power supply necessary with existing packaged Units.
  • No retrofit of the control necessary with existing packaged units.
  • Independent working System.
  • Optimised submission of grease thanks to dosing units that are programmed up to 36 months.
  • Easy construction and easy programming of the dosing Units.
  • Own integrated power supply.
  • After changing the batteries sequential operation is possible.
  • Cartridges and / or changing the batteries at the dosing unit are visible at the outside of the packaged unit.
  • Low annual costs, optimum maintenance results.
  • No deficient lubrication or overlubriction of the motor due to automatic, regular greasing at short intervals.
A picture of the original AERZEB relubrication device for lubricate the bearings of electric motors automatical

Technical data

DesignationAerzen Vario
DriveElectromechanical / re-usable
Power supply4.5 V set of batteries, with a term of 12 months
Battery controlYes
Dispensing time1 week up to 36 months
LC unit60, 120, 250 cm3
Application temperature-10° up to +60°
Pressure build-up6 bar
Type of protectionIP 65
Setting of dispensing timeLCD display and pushbutton
Status controlCompletely LED
Switch ON / OFFLCD display and pushbutton

Permanent lubrication Aerzen Vario

The retrofit of the automatic, battery-operated AERZEN relubrication device AERZEN Vario is very simple: The programming is easy to understand and can be set up to 36 months and precisely adjusted to the actual grease requirement of the motor. In case of machine standstill, the facilities can be switched off and quantity adjustments are possible at any time. The assembly can be carried out up to 5 metres distance from the lubricating point. The preconfigured systems are supplied ready for connection and include all necessary fastening accessories.

Individual lubricant dosing in 3 sizes

AERZEN Vario system can be programmed precisely to meet the requirements of the machine that is lubricated

AERZEN Vario system can be programmed precisely to meet the requirements of the machine that is lubricated. It works fully automatic. The temperature and pressure independent system consists of an electromechanical drive, a dosing unit (LC) with 60 cm³, 120 cm³ or 250 cm³ lubricant and a battery set. The requested dosing period and LC size is selected with the set button and can be read immediately in the LCD-display. The current operating condition is displayed by LED signals visible in a wide angle (red/green) on the dosing unit as well as on a LCD-display. The LED-signals on the dosing unit can also be recognised from a distance. With 6 bar pressure build-up assembly can be effected at a distance of up to 5 m from the lubricating point. This increases the flexibility in case of retrofitting considerably, as the relubrication device can also be installed outside hazardous areas or at easily accessible places. The electromechanical drive can be reused and is suitable for all 3 cartridge sizes. This makes reasonably priced adaptation possible in case of a modified lubricating requirement.

scope of supply

  • Motor and cartridge
  • Bearing grease
  • Support flange for fixation of the dispenser unit
  • Battery set
  • Documentation and machine sticker
Overview of some parts from the AERZEN relubrication device

Project planning

The following details are required for configuration of the AERZEN relubrication device:

  • Details concerning the packaged unit
  • Details concerning the operational mode of the packaged units
  • Details concerning the motor used
  • Determination of the grease requirement by means of the operating hours

The motor data of the electric motors used and the annual operating hours of the packaged units serve as a basis for project planning. From these values the required grease quantity is calculated. Various cartridge sizes make maintenance intervals from 1 month up to 36 months possible. The values for the WEG electric motors used by AERZEN are gathered in a data base and stored for the relubrication device.


The “Service Sets” for AERZEN Standard WEG electric motors have been designed for retrofitting existing and for equipping new packaged units. Only the lubrication nipples must be removed. The material for connecting the regreasing facility to the AERZEN standard motor is included in Set I (attachment set motor regreasing). The regreasing facility itself consists of Set II (Drive set) and Set III (Service set).

The “Attachment set motor regreasing” consists of all the materials required for mounting to an existing packaged unit. The hose length is 3 metres and can be adjusted individually. Therefore, the system can be arranged in any position. This set is required only once.

  • Extension
  • Pipe reducer
  • Swivelling screw-fitting
  • Hose connection
  • Heavy Duty hose
  • Retaining clip for HD hose
  • Mounting bracket
  • Hexagon screw
  • Washer DIN 9021
  • Screw locking

Material No. 2000019989

The “Drive set motor regreasing” consists of the AERZEN Vario drive of the latest generation, supporting consoles and a machine sticker. It serves for highlighting the service life of the cartridges and the battery set as calculated. This set is required only once.

  • AERZEN Vario drive Gen. 2 version with special programming (36 months)
  • Incl. supporting console
  • Machine sticker battery and Cartridge change (service sticker)

Material-No. 2000020068

The “Service set for motor regreasing” consists of the grease cartridges with the individual grease type for your motor, the battery set and the yearly marks required for highlighting the change date on the machine sticker. It contains all the items which must be changed regularly. The “service set for motor regreasing” is therefore required at regular intervals.

CartridgeGrease typeBattery setYearly markSet No.
LC 60Polyrex EM / Shell Gadus S2 V 100Incl.Incl.2000020070 / 2000020465
LC 120Polyrex EM / Isoflex NBU 15 / Klüberquite BQ 72-72Incl.Incl.2000020073 / 2000020071 / 2000020072
LC 250Polyrex EMIncl.Incl.2000020074

Further grease types on request.