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Maritime Industry


Screw compressors, positive displacement blowers and rotary lobe compressors are essential for ships of all sizes with a variety of applications and processes. As specialist for the compression of process air and process gases we understand exactly what you require. Thanks to 150 years of experiences in development and manufacture of blowers and compressors, AERZEN always provides you with the product solution you need

Variety for your goals.

Our product series Delta Blower, Delta Screw, Delta Hybrid and the oil-injected screw compressors VMX and VMY form the basis for individual and energy-efficient process air and process gas applications from small to largest volume flows in the shipping industry. Packaged units from AERZEN have been certified by DNV GL and Lloyd’s Register and can, therefore, be used for safety-relevant applications on board. We are happy to provide you with additional certifications upon request.

Philosophy and technical layout of process air and process gas plants require high intelligence. They will work in challenging environmental conditions throughout the world. Therefore, AERZEN bundles its profound know-how and provides an excellent team, consisting of specialists from the departments design, control system, quality and project management with international work experience onshore and aboard.


Thanks to AERZEN product variety, our specialists are able to either select the appropriate machine required for your process or to modify it if necessary, so that you always receive the optimal solution from us. As classical air compressor or important component for special applications, such as seismic analyses of the seabed or for the exhaust of VOC gases on oil tankers, there are plenty of individual marine applications. This is why the application of an AERZEN blower or compressor really makes the difference on board.

  • Anti-heeling systems for ship stabilisation
  • Keeping areas free from ice for icebreakers (Duck Walk)
  • Transverse thrusters aboard yachts
  • Air lubrication of the ship’s hull


  • Wastewater treatment plants on ships, available in all sizes 
  • CH-mixed gases [VMX & VMY]
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) [VMY]
  • Boil-off gases [VMX & VMY]
  • Inert and purge gases [VMX & VMY]


  • Air injection for ship’s propeller
  • Air curtain systems for offshore sites


  • Pre-compression for compressed air generation
  • Suction and pressure conveying for loading and unloading
  • Semi-submersible ships
  • Investigation of the seabed