Intelligent master control – taking aeration tank efficiency to the next level

AERZEN has the best machine technologies for the job, with Blower, Hybrid and Turbo. AERsmart, the new intelligent machine control, raises their performance even further. AERsmart distributes air flows optimally between the various technologies and their individual efficiency levels. End result: standalone efficiency levels close to the theoretical maximum. Additional savings of up to 15%. Integration of third-party manufacturers’.

Handling needs-oriented load changes.

Strong fluctuations in load operations are typical for biological waste water treatment plants. The innovative machine control AERsmart provides the intelligent building block for distributing the required oxygen to the machine pool, such that the low, medium and heavy loads are executed as efficiently as the current configuration permits. Machine characteristics and efficiency levels are built into the control algorithm. In this way, the installed machine pool operates as close as possible to the theoretical maximum efficiency. But that is not all …

Savings potential in numbers. Shortest time to ROI.

The savings potential presented by AERsmart’s innovative machine control is enormous. Investments pay for themselves in just a few years. Realized example of a waste water treatment plant with 100,000 population equivalents (PE).

AERsmart - savings potential
AERsmart - savings potential

Demo - Click through the interface

Get an impression of the AERsmart touch interface. The following example is based on the original AERsmart software and is therefore completely clickable. Whether operating data, plant development or maintenance, AERsmart offers you the greatest transparency of your plants at a glance.

Try it out and click through!