Machine diagnosis


Machine diagnosis means testing the units for vibration. The goal is to extend the units’ run time by measuring their vibration on a regular basis. AERZEN’s alternative is to measure vibration, temperature and RPM with a mobile device, as well as using an integrated system for constant online monitoring.

Machine diagnosis

  • specialised measuring devices (AERZEN detectors)
  • professional data analysis
  • identification of critical machines
  • economic optimisation suggestions
  • Delta Real-Time Monitoring (DRTM)
  • status reports, optimisation suggestions, configurable alarm functions
  • proven reaction routines
AERZEN mechanic at a machine diagnosis as a preventive maintenance

Machine diagnosis based on vibration measurements

Vibration measuring procedures are a good indicator for the deteriorating condition of the machine and are the best means for early detection of roller bearing damages. Of course, vibration measuring procedures belong to our services: For this, AERZEN offers measuring with a mobile device for the recording of vibration, temperature and speed. In addition, AERZEN provides the measurement with a stationary system for continuous online monitoring. The objective here is to increase the service lives of your packaged units by means of regular vibration measurements. The measurement and evaluation of pulsations of screw compressors und positive displacement blowers are carried out according to directive VDI 3836 (DIN ISO 10816 - 1 /3).

Service coverage overview

  • Measurements with special equipment (AERZEN Detector)
  • Preparing the measuring route from the design data of the data to be checked
  • Vibration measurement at site (of the machine) based on the determined measuring route
  • Professional data evaluation: analysis of the determined frequencies by means of FFT analysis. Detecting unbalances, misalignments, bearing damages or errors of toothing by means of interference frequencies.
  • Preparation of a report and a catalogue of measures with proposals for further proceedings
  • Condition-oriented real time machine monitoring (Delta-Real-Time-Monitoring, DRTM)

Your advantage:

  • Identification of critical machines: Early detection of damages

Delta Real Time Monitoring - Real-Time Online monitoring of AERZEN positive displacement machines

Permanent real-time monitoring evaluated by our experts ensures a long-term and trouble-free operation of your AERZEN monitored equipment. Our Delta Real Time Monitoring System monitors, analyses and compares actual and target values of vibrations, pressures and temperatures. Transmission of these data is possible via Intranet to your server or via Internet, Ethernet or GSM modem to the server of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik. Upon commissioning of the unit, limit values will be determined for these data. When the measured actual values are above the defined target values, there is an alerting per SMS or e-mail, addressed to the person in charge (e.g. AERZEN mechanical engineers, service manager etc.). Therefore, with sufficient warning time, creeping incidents can be recognised at an early stage and preventive measures will be introduced. This ensures the production, minimises the risk of unforeseen production interruptions and avoids possibly resulting investments.

How a AERZEN unit can minimises the risk of unforeseen production interruptions and avoids possibly resulting investments

The advantages of real-time monitoring at a glance

  • Permanent monitoring
  • Low risk of failure
  • Predictable standstill periods
  • Defined costs
  • Longer service lives and therefore reduced maintenance costs
  • Flexible system, also upgradeable on existing machines
  • Integration in AERtronic (AERZEN blower and compressor control)
  • Transmission of maintenance messages