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AERZEN Turbo blower Generation 5plus


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Aerzen Turbo Blower Generation 5plus is another excellent choice for high-speed turbo blower. This turbo blower is ideal for volume flows between 360 and 8400 m³/h. It has a significantly smaller physical footprint but boasts up to 10% higher operational efficiency than conventional turbo blowers.

This space-saving high-speed turbo blower is 100% oil-free. It has numerous applications in water and wastewater treatment, pneumatic transport of bulk materials, and chemical and process technologies.

The key features and benefits of this high-speed turbo blower include:

  • 360 to 8400 m³/h air and gas volume flow range
  • 100% oil-free
  • Speed-controlled
  • Plug-and-play design
  • Up to 10% more efficient than standard turbo technology
  • Extended bearing life due to high-tech AERZEN air bearings featuring double coating for maximum performance and energy efficiency
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

NEW: Two new turbo sizes

he two new turbo sizes, Aerzen Turbo AT 35 and AT 60, are designed for medium volume flows of 700 - 2,700 m3/h and package capacities of up to 20 kW resp. 50 kW. Thanks to a completely newly developed motor design, the maximum differential pressure has also been optimised up to 900 mbar.

The development team was able to turn the efficiency screw once again and achieve significant increases in performance. The energy improvement of up to 10% is based on an aerodynamic redesign of the turbo impeller and the spiral housing. Sophisticated CFD analyses were the cornerstone for achieving this new level of efficiency.

In addition, the AERZEN turbo packages of the G5plus series have been subjected to further acoustic optimisation. Not only has the machine noise been reduced to an exceptionally quiet level of 72 dB(A), but the discharge and piping noise has also been reduced by a significant 10 dB(A), so that in future there will be no need for silencers on the system side.

360 to 8.400 (单位:m3/h)
空氣 , 中性氣體

There's a lot to be said about the economical Turbo. We'll make it brief here.

AERZEN has built turbo blowers since 1911. Over the years, we’ve continued to perfect these assemblies from a technological standpoint. Along the way, we’ve developed expertise that sets standards worldwide today. It’s reflected in the performance characteristics, in every component, and in all the details of the newest Turbos. Discover the new Turbo Generation 5 and Generation 5plus.

100% Turbo

  • For small and large volume flows
  • From 300 m³/h to 16,200 m³/h
  • Speed-controled
  • 100% oil-free

Efficient peak values

  • Increase in energy efficiency by up to 10% compared to conventional turbo technology
  • Control range of 40% - 100%
  • Highly efficient individual components

Innovation driver: the permanent magnet motor

  • Extremely high-efficiency and energy-saving permanent magnet motor
  • Requires no additional energy to magnetize the rotor
  • Outstanding efficiency of an almost constant 96%, even in partial load operation

Innovative AERZEN air foil bearings

  • Forward-looking double coating made of Teflon and graphite
  • Theoretical bearing lifetime of >80,000 operating hours, regardless of stop and start cycles (>80 starts/stops per hour)
  • Resistant to pressure peaks (for example, SBR processes, pulsations caused by positive displacement machines) and compressor surge
  • Highly functional without necessary accessories (for example, electric control system, back up bearings, auxiliary electronics such as battery systems)
  • Highly reliable operation even during voltage fluctuations and power supply failures
  • 100% maintenance free

Further information are available within the product brochure (please select a performance to see the product brochure)