Transparency of information 4.0! System optimisation due to process monitoring

By means of its communicative control system, AERtronic, AERZEN has been offering the possibility to integrate process air packages into the production interfaces of our customers for a long time. Furthermore, the control system can be extended by the module WebView so that operating or service data are retrievable at any time and from any point of the world. Warning or error messages of the blowers or compressors are transferred immediately by email to the relevant sections. Potential malfunctions can be detected early enough to initiate countermeasures promptly. A big step in direction of lasting process reliability!

More transparency, more safety, more options

Whether diagnosis by remote access via internet-compatible, mobile terminal or maintenance from a central process point:  With AERZEN Webview, you can retrieve operating data and service information of your AERZEN packaged units without needing additional software or app’s. An intuitive operating concept quickly provides information about the most important measured values of packaged units, such as pressure, temperature and parameters for operating and maintenance intervals. The measured values can optionally also be evaluated in graphic form for freely configurable periods of time. All process data is safely stored on an integrated SD card. Simultaneously, these data can be read-out by our customers via intranet or internet and be locally evaluated.

Save a high amount of costs by needs-oriented maintenance by means of AERZEN process monitoring

WebView - Process data survey
WebView - Process data survey

If service and maintenance are prematurely planned, operational interruptions can be reduced significantly. This is no problem thanks to AERtronic, since due notice is given about necessary service via the WebView. If required, signal messages can be sent to the requested recipient as error message. Thus, you will receive a remote access to all data which is available in the AERZEN control system. These include data concerning vibration analysis, oil levels, and system pressure.

Advantages of webview

  • Continuous visualisation of current data
  • Worldwide access to the operation parameters of the packaged unit
  • Information about fault signals by means of access to the signal history
  • Easy and clear maintenance planning
  • Current information concerning pending service employments
  • Unidirectional access via customary stationary or mobile terminal devices. 
  • Access via conventional internet browsers without additional software or app’s

Easily retrofittable

WebView - Process data analysis
WebView - Process data analysis

Certainly, the WebView is designed in a way that retrofitting of existing systems with AERtronic is realisable cost-effectively at any time. To communicate with other systems or control rooms AERtronic can be integrated into existing control systems without any problems. The assembly is very easy and can be realised by your skilled electrician. Just download our installation instructions and follow the few work steps.

Technical data

Webserver module to visualise and evaluate process data via Ethernet with integrated fault/state signal function.

Housing properties:

  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 108 x 70 x 74 mm (H x W x D)
  • Type of protection: IP 20
  • Assembly: top hat rail mounting (DIN)


  • 1x Ethernet 10/100MBit
  • 1x SD card slot

EMV inspections:

  • Interference resistance according to EN 61000-6-2 / emissions according to EN 61000-6-3


  • User interface, contents of data recording and data analysis and notification functions e.g. by email 
  • Operation is completely via internet browser on basis of html5. 
  • Additional services for simple commissioning possible (plug&play)