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Screw Blowers Delta Hybrid direct driven

Compresseur à vis Delta Hybrid

The Delta Hybrid direct driven screw blowers

Two technologies. One package.

With increasing demand for resilient, lasting technology that offers minimal energy consumption and high performance, rising energy costs and dwindling resources are of greater concern to companies, researchers, and end users now more than ever before. The increasing scarcity of resources gives particular cause for concern. Basic industrial processes are associated with some of the highest energy costs. Processes involving pumps and compressors, regardless of type, account for the highest percentage of total energy costs – 30%. This affects wastewater treatment applications as well. The treatment of wastewater in aeration tanks consumes a staggering 60% to 80% of the total energy required by a wastewater treatment plant. It is the right time to construct a future with technologies based on low energy costs and sustainability.<delta></delta>

Get the Delta Hybrid screw blower and enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced life-cycle costs
  • Extraordinary energy efficiency
  • High reliability levels
  • Reduced maintenance needs
  • 100% oil free certified air
  • Ready for industry 4.0
Type de construction
Compresseur à vis Delta Hybrid
400 à 4.800 m3/h
Fluide à véhiculer
Transport / compression
exempt d'huile.
Opération pression
300 - 1.250 mbar

Everything you need in one single screw blower

Extraordinary energy efficiency, extreme compactness, durability and reliability, lowest maintenance effort and quiet operation: These characteristics are directly reflected in the cost balance of each compressor. AERZEN has kept it in mind in the develompmment of this new Delta Hybrid sizes. This new solution comes from many “Voice of customers” therefore it will convince even the most exigent individuals also in the harshest ambient conditions.

Extraordinary energy efficiency

  • New and unique 3+4 rotor profile
  • Energy savings up to 37% compared to lobe blowers
  • Extended control range with almost constant specific power consumption
  • Separate process and air cooling paths
  • Optional Ultra Premium Efficiency IE5 motors
  • IES2 drive system efficiency (motor + frequency converter)

Extremely compact design

  • Space-saving side-by-side installation
  • Smaller dimensioning of machine rooms
  • Easy access for service and maintenance work
  • Integrated power suppy panel having the same footprint

    Reliability and durability

    • Patented bearing, theoretical lifetime of more than 60,000 hours (at 1.000 mbar pressure difference)
    • Pressure lubrication for exceptional reliability of the bearings
    • Active oil level monitoring using an oil level switch
    • Reliable even in extreme climatic conditions (+50°C) thanks to the use of an oil cooler
    • Acoustic hood for outdoor installation (optional) for installation of the machine
    • under direct atmpspheric agents

    Further information is available within the product brochures.


    • Sewage treatment
    • Drinking water purification
    • Pneumatic conveyance of bulk materials
    • River and lake aeration
    • and many more


    • Sewage treatment
    • Chemical and process technology
    • Glass and paper manufacturing
    • Food industry
    • Environmental technology
    • and many more

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