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Make savings potential visible

Load operation in wastewater treatment plants is subject to powerful fluctuations; wastewater quantities and contamination levels sometimes change rapidly. A detailed analysis of the current operating data in order to be able to meet the individual requirements as precisely as possible is the basis for a process- and energy-efficient wastewater treatment plant. AERaudit's high-precision methods are used to determine the actual load requirement of your plant in order to identify potential savings and make your operation more efficient in the long term.

Individual solutions for highest efficiency

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Searching for the most efficient solution, it is, therefore, necessary to configure the machine technologies to meet the individual requirements of each plant. Alors qu'il était courant d'installer des surpresseurs d'une même taille, les installations actuelles sont souvent dotées d'un mélange de tailles ou même de technologies différentes. Savings of up to 30% are possible - and in the shortest possible time. The application of a variety of tailored machine technologies facilities a rapid ROI, because the energy balance connected with the conversion results in considerable savings.

Do you know the savings potential of your system?

1. Mesures sur site :

The AERZEN service team lends transparency to the numbers from your blower station. A mobile measuring station is used to record your relevant aeration data. Le débit volumique, la pression du système, la température et les kW consommés sont mesurés en direct et enregistrés sous forme de profils de charge.

2. Analyse :

The evaluation of the recorded data is carried out carefully and extensively at AERZEN headquarters, every low and peak load, no matter how small, is evaluated. Based on the results, our experts develop one or more concepts that are tailored to your requirements and as efficient as possible.

3. Rapport :

All data of your blower station are displayed in detail and transparently. Les températures, profils de charge et coûts énergétiques sont visualisés dans des diagrammes et étudiés en détail. We also present your tailor-made Performance3 solution with the optimal machine configuration. In addition, how large the saving potential of energy and CO2 is, and which amortisation periods can be achieved.

Un potentiel d'économies

Benefit from the energy saving potential of 30% on average and payback times of less than two years.

Be able to operate load profiles optimally

AERaudit is an innovative service developed exclusively by AERZEN to analyse the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants. Les municipalités, en particulier, doivent mettre l'accent sur la réduction des coûts, car les stations d'épuration des eaux usées sont leurs plus gros pôle de consommation d'énergie. Jusqu'à 60 voire 80% de l'énergie totale nécessaire par une station d'épuration des eaux usées est utilisée pour l'aération biologique. An optimal solution for energy-efficient oxygen supply requires that the blower configuration be tailored to individual load profiles and thus meets the highly fluctuating air requirements as accurately as possible. A systematic approach and extensive expertise are required, because the process sequences in wastewater treatment are complex.

As an analysis specialist AERZEN is your competent partner: the collection and evaluation of the operating data with the high-precision methods of AERaudit provide binding results about the current capacity utilisation and profitability and about how these can be made much more efficient in the future.


The basis for a new future

The AERaudit service is a component of Water 4.0, a forward-looking process orientation in water management. As one of the market leaders in wastewater technology, AERZEN accompanies its customers on their journey towards Water 4.0 with the holistic concept AERwater, which includes solutions for digitalisation, automation and resource efficiency. AERaudit provides the data basis.