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Edition 02/2019

Article and compact news

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Phosphate-free into Lake Constance

Thanks to a fourth treatment stage, the Isny wastewater treatment plant achieves a phosphate content of 0.1 milligrams per litre, and is thus two thirds below the permitted limit value on an annual average. Very good wastewater treatment is necessary in southern Germany. The 50,000 PE plant...

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The AERZEN principle: Air as bearing

The air supply of modern wastewater treatment plants is clearly designed for maximum availability, high energy efficiency and long maintenance cycles. Therefore, AERZEN does not use oil or other lubricants for the demanding bearings within the turbo blowers of the current series Aerzen Turbo G5plus,...

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Size actually matters

David Salazar, Aerzen Americas Application Manager, Cement - Lime – Concrete, writes about selecting the right technology and machine size for fuel conveying, combustion air and air cooling systems to optimise fuel efficiency in the kiln for lime production plants.

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How efficient is my wastewater treatment plant?

How efficient is my wastewater treatment plant?

As part of AERwater’s holistic approach, AERaudit represents a first step in a process chain to provide digitisation, automation and resource efficiency solutions in the field of wastewater treatment, which are precisely tailored to the individual customer process.

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Aerzen Turbo G5plus, now with 13 sizes

With the new generation Aerzen Turbo G5plus, AERZEN has designed the most compact and efficient turbo machine in its class. With the two new models AT75 and AT100, available immediately, the Aerzen Turbo G5plus portfolio has now been extended by another five to 13 sizes.

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Aerzen Italia is growing

Aerzen Italia S.r.l. is expanding. Its 700 square metres building with offices and workshop, which was occupied in 2014, was no longer sufficient for the company’s business needs. So, at the beginning of 2019, the Italian subsidiary of the AERZEN Group moved into a modern building which is more than...

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Compact news

AERZEN Technology at the L‘Aquarium in Barcelona

The spectacular Oceanario de L’Aquarium in Barcelona is considered the largest and most species-rich aquarium in Europe. With a diameter of 36 metres and a depth of 5 metres, it holds approximately 4 million litres of water. A few months ago, an AERZEN Delta Blower package was put into operation in the L’Aquarium. A large team of highly qualified professionals and cutting-edge technology enables to guarantee the health and wellbeing of over 11,000 animals at the L’Aquarium.

Around 6 million litres of seawater is needed to fill the 21 aquariums. This water is supplied continuously by means of controlled extraction in wells arranged specifically for this purpose. A sophisticated water purification system enables operation in a semi-closed cycle. Purification and filtration are required for a number of reasons. When leftover food, along with the excrement of each organism (with a high ammonium content), is biologically degraded, secondary chemical compounds form (nitrites and nitrates), which are very harmful to the occupants of the aquarium and must be removed. Final sterilisation of the water is required as a biological prevention measure towards the exterior of L’Aquarium.

The new AERZEN Delta Blower starts up in case of emergency, such as an electrical breakdown, and thus makes sure that the water runs out of filtration, and the fishes are provided with oxygen. The circulation of water is what generates oxygen. In addition, in an emergency, porous, pumice-like stones are put in the water to oxygenate the water. The AERZEN Delta Blower provides absolutely oil-free air according to ISO class. For the Aquarium application, it is a must: If the blower was operated with oil it would be fatal for the fishes.

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News from AERZEN Product Managers

On June 1, 2019, Ricardo Wehrbein took over the activities of Product Manager Delta Hybrid at AERZEN. Ricardo Wehrbein can draw on experiences as Product Manager Accessories & IoT. He also worked as an electrician for Delta Hybrid machines before studying industrial engineering, and can, therefore, rely on extensive practical experience.

Christian Reimann took over the position of Product Manager for Delta Blower and Alpha Blower on June 1, 2019. Previously, Christian Reimann was exclusively responsible for AERZEN Alpha Blowers as Product Manager. His experience as a quotation engineer for standard and modified solutions regarding blowers and compressors provides him with sound product and application knowledge.