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High-performance blower and compressor technology for industrial applications

In 1868 we launched the first positive displacement blower in Europe. Since then, we have steadily developed to become a global player. The fact that we have remained a family-owned company has its logic. Reliability, know-how, consulting competence, service, efficiency - these advantages ensure our market success to this day. Our goal is to redefine the quality of our products and application-specific expertise. Experience AERZEN and use our knowledge - Expect Performance!

AERZEN is an international manufacturer of Positive Displacement Blowers, Hybrid Blowers, Screw Compressors and Turbo Blowers. The high-quality machines are used for air and gas applications, for example in waste water treatment, pneumatic conveying of bulk materials and process gas conveying. In addition, AERZEN provides rental blowers quickly and easily.

Years of experience, continuous technical developments and innovations combined with high internal quality standards have made the mechanical engineering company a world market leader for compressed air technologies. AERZEN stands for quality, engineering, first-class customer service and outstanding product support.

Right from the start, we work closely with our customers and deal with the industry-specific requirements of our technologies. We develop products and solutions according to realistic conditions, which not only satisfy the needs, but often exceed them. The variety of designs and serial customisation possibilities of our products are therefore almost unrivalled. This diversity, combined with the precise knowledge of the operational areas of our application specialists, enables us to develop plant concepts together with our customers that fully meet the requirements in terms of energy efficiency, longevity, reliability and expandability.

AERZEN Machines for Wastewater Treatment Applications

AERZEN compressors have become indispensable in the American waste water industry. The machines are used especially for the ventilation of aeration tanks in wastewater treatment plants. This process step is the most energy-intensive of the entire waste water treatment process and holds a lot of potential for savings. That is why AERZEN has developed especially efficient and innovative concepts for its customers in the field of wastewater treatment. One of these, for example, is Performance┬│, in which different compressor technologies are switched precisely along the load curve.

Adequate generation of compressed air in wastewater treatment plants

The compressed air requirement in wastewater treatment plants varies according to the time of day and the season: More compressed air is required during the day than at night. In summer the water demand of a place is generally higher than in winter. In order to avoid a waste of energy by a continuous use of all machines, the blowers are always used which can generate the currently required compressed air in the most energy-saving way. This ensures that only as much compressed air as necessary is generated in any given case. Overproduction and the associated waste of energy are avoided. The machines are switched on, off and on with the aid of intelligent machine controls, such as the AERsmart control system.

AERZEN offers its customers a special service, the AERaudit, to improve the energy efficiency of existing plants. This makes it possible to check the energy saving potential of a system. In this way, technical improvements can be implemented in close cooperation with the customer, which usually pay for themselves very quickly.

AERZEN machines for pneumatic conveying

Customers can also benefit from the expertise of the compressed air specialist in the field of pneumatic conveying. Pneumatic conveying of bulk materials or dusts is mainly required in the food, pharmaceutical or construction materials industries. Positive displacement blowers, screw compressors or turbo blowers generate a compressed air stream or negative pressure through which dusts or light goods such as flour are transported to the next production step. AERZEN guarantees 100% purity of the transported goods due to its absorbent and oil-free compressed air technology.

In addition to cleanliness, safety is a major factor in pneumatic conveying. Especially in petrochemical applications it is important to integrate explosion-proof processes. AERZEN has also developed appropriate solutions for this which, in addition to the known advantages, also have ATEX certification.

The possibilities of pneumatic conveying in industry are manifold:

Turbo blowers or screw compressors, for example, ensure a reliable supply of flour in milling companies, generate the necessary negative pressure for the extraction systems for coal dust in lignite-fired power plants, or suck off the finest metal particles produced during the punching of sheet metal and return them to the production cycle.

AERZEN solves even the most demanding individual application requirements. Benefit from our expertise and solution competence - LET'S TALK!