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VACUUM with pre-inlet cooling

Positive Displacement Blowers

Our mHV blowers come with an extra third socket on the suction side for pre-inlet cooling. Lube oil can be supplied by splash lubrication. In addition, a vacuum sealing system seals the conveying chamber while double radial seal rings with a grease barrier seal the driving shaft to prevent leakage. The direction of flow is vertical from top to bottom and the drive is effected through a narrow V-belt (at limited differential pressure) or a direct coupling.

Special advantages of AERZEN mHV blowers:

  • High differential pressures (up to 800 mbar)
  • High reduction of compression discharge temperature
  • In-range rough vacuum (intermediate stage in multi-stage pump stands/negative pressure stage against atmosphere)
  • Excellent systems variety (largest series worldwide with 11 sizes available)
  • No additional controllers, valves, etc. are required for installation and operation
  • Ideal for continuous operation without the problem of overheating
  • Suitable for high compression ratios (rough vacuum range up to p1/p2 = 5)

These blowers are useful in improving production processes in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Chemical Process Technology
  • Evacuation of Hydrogen
  • Thin Film Foil and Glass Coating
  • Helium Leak Indication Units Laser Technology
  • Manufacturing of Flat Screens
  • Manufacturing of Melting Furnaces/ Metallurgy
  • Micro-Electronics Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Instrument Manufacturing
  • Solar Technology
Type of technology
Positive Displacement Blowers
Volume flow
147.15 to 35,904.6 CFM
air , neutral gases , combustible , toxic , explosive , corrosive , mixed , oxygen
Final vacuum
1.450377×10^-1 psi
Pressure difference
1.450377×10^-1 - 4.35 psi

The Universal Genius for Every Application.

AERZEN blowers with canned drive are designed for the conveyance of neutral (HM version) and aggressive (CM version) gases and are especially used in the industrial high-vacuum technology. Canned motor blowers always work in combination with a backing pump*. 
This backing pump starts operating at atmosphere. The canned motor blower is connected typically at approx. 50 to 200 mbar and the pump down process begins. Depending on the application, liquid ring pumps, sliding vane rotary vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps or blowers are used as the backing pump. When supplied with AERZEN frequency converters and special parameter sets, operation with the backing pump starting from atmospheric pressure is also possible.


  • Semiconductor industry
  • Micro-electronics
  • Production of flat screens
  • Laser technology
  • Solar technology
  • Helium leak indicating units
  • Chemical process technology
  • Foil and glass coating
  • Manufacture of melting furnaces
  • Evacuation of hydrogen

*An additional backing pump (multi stage system) is always required when using an AERZEN vacuum blower with canned drive.

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