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Edition 01/2021

Article and Compact News

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Now the air comes from the ground

With an investment of around one million euros, Stadtwerke Bramsche has fundamentally modernised its wastewater treatment plant. The main focus of the project, which received almost 50 percent public funding, was on upgrading the aeration tanks. The objectives: great cleaning capacity with improved...

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AERZEN expands its general Turbo program

The Aerzen Turbo G5plus series is one of the most compact and efficient turbos in its class. The new AT 60 size brings with it numerous innovations. In addition to increased system pressure, the new turbo also scores with an extended control range and an efficiency increase of up to 10 %.

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New AERZEN production centre for the Americas region

At the AERZEN México site in Metepec in the Toluca metropolitan region, the AERZEN Group commissioned a new production centre in March 2021.

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AERZEN makes it possible: acquire the latest specialist know-how free of charge

Flexible, compact, practice-oriented: AERZEN web seminars provide you with expert knowledge about different sectors and industries. They have proved a great way of acquiring AERZEN specialist know-how during these times of contact restrictions.

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It‘s the oxygen that counts

Aeration openings which have become too narrow, blocked aeration grids, excessive internal temperatures and clogged filter mats are four examples of situations in machine rooms that drive up energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants. They are the main causes of poor efficiency of the...

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Compact news

Three Aerzen Turbo machines in a special container

Mid-April 2021 was the time: the Trink- und Abwasserverband (TAV) Börde commissioned three turbo blowers with the AERsmart intelligent integrated control system at its Oschersleben wastewater treatment plant (Saxony-Anhalt/Germany). The special feature: the turbo trio is housed in a specially manufactured container, which is able to meet the demanding noise control requirements.

TAV Börde had invited tenders for the construction of a new digestion plant for energy production. The plans also called for new blowers for activation. Up to now, five Delta Blower GM 35 S, equipped with special hoods for outdoor installation, have been used at the Oschersleben wastewater treatment plant. The main criteria of the new tender were: high energy efficiency of the blowers, maximum noise level of 79 dB(A), outdoor installation close to the aeration tanks and an installation area limited in size on an existing foundation. The contract was finally awarded to Aerzen Turbo Europe GmbH for its technologically and economically convincing container solution.

The new AERsmart: able to handle variable pressures

AERZEN has further developed the AERsmart: The control system for the composite operation of different compressed air assemblies offers new features and improved visualisation. All in all, this opens up new areas of application. The AERsmart can now also control a machine network in an energy-efficient manner when variable pressures are present in the application. For this purpose it is sufficient to define the minimum as well as the average pressure. AERsmart, then, calculates the maps of the connected machines in this pressure window using the current target pressure. If this changes by more than 20 mbar compared with the map pressure, AERsmart simply recalculates the map of the assemblies. This function is also effective when the oxygen input is controlled by volume flow. The intelligent control unit is, therefore, able to use the energetic performance of positive displacement blowers (Delta Blower), rotary lobe compressors (Delta Hybrid) or turbo blowers (Aerzen Turbo) in the best possible way even under changed operating conditions. The end result is energy efficiency close to the theoretical optimum.

New areas of application for AERsmart are, for example, SBR plants. Behind a “Sequencing-Batch-Reactor” are small wastewater treatment plants, which allow a high purification capacity in a small space. Biological purification and secondary sedimentation are combined in one chamber. Batch operation results in different pressures. With a view to operability AERZEN has also revised the AERsmart software. The new control system can, now, be conveniently parameterised directly on site using a touch panel. The visualisation has a new design. It is also designed for working ergonomics and opens the way to combining maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

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